Not Need the Perfectionist to Be a Perfect Teenager

Hey, I'll back!
Today I wanna post on my Blog Remaja blog. There are so much ideas in my head, but I have no time to make a good writing and articles. :(
You know I'm a perfectionist!

Yes, sometimes I think it will be good of being fool. Like Han Ji Eun in Full House. Huhu. Perfectionist makes us especially teenager being so complicated. You have to think all about that you do!

I'm not talking that 'thinking about all you do" is wrong or something bad, but if it is over, hmm... It is bad too, isn't it? Because of that, being ordinary but stay trying to get the best is the best way being a perfect teenager. Not need the perfectionist to get the perfect one, right?

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Fuck*in' Brother!

It's really mad!
You know how I works but not salaried?

That's what I experienced.
Wages deducted by the debt!

And you know that debt by whom?
Not by me, but by him ....

Yes, him… my brother!
What a lucky guy, I still call him “my brother”
He does not have a heart! Not a human!

Fuck*in’ brother!

Now I must work here like for forever ...
Can not breathe ...

Want to die, but do not want to ...
Because I still have a responsibility!
Moreover, I still believe there is God.
I will not suicide!

Even if I must work like a slave.

Fuck*in’ brother, not a human, he’s really an ANIMAL!
Want to cry out with a vengeance, but there is no room for me ...
Except here ...

Here ...
In myself ...
Hopefully, God is also here ....

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Petite Teenager - Become Petite Teenager Makes Girl Different!

Petite teenager. It is very difficult to be a petite teenager. Myself have a problem like that, moreover I’m an Asian. My age is 18, but people often think me still 15 fewer. What a damn!

Just think back to when you were anywhere from 15 - 17 years old. Now imagine that, instead of being able to buy your clothes in the junior or misses department, you had to shop in the children's section. It may seem odd that girls would mind being a petite teenager, but they do. They mind it a lot. In their heads, boys are not going to be looking at them as much as their more well developed friends, if they look at all. This is very disheartening and depressing to a teenager girl who wants so much be thought of as a beautiful young woman.

Now, as bad as it is for girls to be small, that is magnified many times for boys who are smaller than average. Boys feel the need early in life to be men. When they hit their teenage years, this need is even more important. To be a boy, and to be considered a petite teenager, is the kiss of death for a young man's social life.

The big issue becomes what to do to help your smaller than average teenager. It is a bit easier to help your petite daughter than your son. Buying shoes with a bit of heel on them can add a couple of inches to her height. The right amount of make up will make her look a little closer to her true age.
If you can find a way to enhance the talents of your petite teenager, it could make all the difference in the world. And the positive one you could get of being petite teenager: babyface! Huhu…


Being a happy teens, okay!

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Teenager's Instant Life and the Pickpocket Arts Lesson

Instant Life of teenager and Pickpocket Arts

Pickpocket arts seems to have decreased dramatically! That ever I read in a magazine. In Japan, said the magazine, which is still usually do the pickpocket are the seniors. While the young people and teenager prefer to hijack / grab. More young people/teenager are now happy with the instant one!

While it is difficult to pick something that not allow the instant one, art needed by pickpocket (read: caginess). Unfortunately, the elderly have had many limitations. Once an old man want to pick the wallet of a woman, but because his eyes were dim, the old man took another thing! And the one which was got by the old man was a eye glasses box. Huhu.

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Masturbation - Teenager's Masturbation

Masturbation. If asked whether on doing masturbation wrong or not, then most people will say that the legal-masturbation only legitimate, even though some people might say it is wrong in the view of religion. Now I will not review this topic from the point of view of religion I am, let's see together.

From Wikipedia, masturbation defined like this:

Masturbation is a deliberate provocation on the genital organs in order to obtain sexual pleasure and satisfaction

If young people actually feel the sexual excitement that is reasonable. At the rise time of puberty, sex will be stronger encouraged. Be pitied, but who is most teenagers want to know even more and fall on the willingness, the solution of other sexual conduct with another person is masturbation!

Likely impact of physical or mental illness appear will be zero. That is said by the doctors this modern era. However, if the observable masturbation be legalized? Actually have a more severe impact than the physical impact. Yes, we know the same psychological impact for those who do so.

Masturbation focus only on the form itself. I quote from one of a site, they say so: someone who does masturbation preoccupied with themselves, they do not pay attention to around of them. Masturbation is a way to release the quietness. Make a paradigm masturbation will tend to see the opponent as an object type sex satisfaction appetite. Moreover, a person will tend to fall on the lust. Unlike with most of the statements, if the press do masturbation will be carnality.

That do not properly generate masturbation even chaste? Try to consider, at the time of pro-masturbation, a teenager will certainly continue to think erotic hallucination-delusion!

If so, what if there are teenagers who have fallen on the act? What can he/she do?

Indeed, teenager needs to do is analyze what is causing the strong sexual desire in theirselves so that teenager eventually chose to do masturbation as an alternative.

I thought what the effect would be large or not sexual desire. If a teenager often watchs, reads or hears that can generate the sexual lust, this may not cause the desire of masturbation, don't they? Of course yes. Therefore just trying to avoid the propaganda.

For example, Just as someone who has been addicted to smoking, less the frequency first. Trying to always be active in activities such as a useful exercise because of activities such as this can be a sexual stimulus.

That's all, especially if a teenager does not afford it alone, seek help from parents and adults who care. Tell them! However, previously, parents also take the important role of sex education to instil in their children.

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